Energizing the Future of Industry

Energizing the Future of Industry

Acculon Energy

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Better, Smarter, Safer Lithium Solutions for Everyone

Acculon Energy is a Columbus, Ohio systems engineering firm specializing in energy storage and cloud-connected solutions. We leverage our expertise and experience in energy storage, artificial intelligence, and Internet-of-Things to accelerate and de-risk the transition to next-generation lithium-ion solutions and beyond. Acculon is uniquely capable to design, prototype, and provide commercialization services that enable OEM customer programs to go further, faster, and safer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are We

Acculon Energy is a globally-recognized resource for combining energy storage, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet-of-Things (IoT) to create next-generation lithium systems. Although our history is in the automotive industry, we now focus exclusively on helping non-auto, non-grid companies make a rapid, sustainable, safe transition to lithium technology.

What is our mission?

Better, smarter, safer lithium solutions for everyone.

What is the history of Acculon Energy?

The origin of Acculon Energy can be traced to 2009 with the formation of CAR Technologies, LLC, one of today’s leading battery testing facilities and now a fully-owned subsidiary of Acculon. Since its inception, Acculon Energy has designed, built, and deployed solutions in the energy storage industry–from automotive systems to material handling, to consumer energy management. The Acculon team has consistently deployed innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, B2C applications in areas such as recreational boating, functional safety, and grocery delivery, as well as IoT platforms in partnerships with some of today's most recognized technology companies.

What makes us unique?

Today's lithium-based energy storage systems are much more complex and risk-prone than legacy systems like lead acid and diesel, particularly in the cutting-edge vocations where they are being deployed. These additional complexities and risks introduce additional engineering challenges to the design-to-market cycle. When coupled with present-day sourcing and supply chain issues, and the need for sustainability, the ability to innovate and develop safe, reliable products becomes extremely difficult. OEMs need a unified and streamlined solution. Our unique combination of expertise and capability to take lithium programs from concept to commercialization, overcoming the technological and logistical obstacles, makes us truly one-of-a-kind.

Where are we located?

Our headquarters and main manufacturing facility are located in Columbus OH, but our talent comes from all over the world. Because we are focused on quality, Acculon goes where the talent is rather than requiring it to come to us!

Energy Change In Motion

The 2020 Deloitte Energy Transitions survey found 70% of respondents have agreed to move toward electrification of industrial processes and more than 50% of respondents have targeted electrification fleets within their ecosystem by 2030.
Acculon Energy
Porter, Stanley, et al. “Electrification in Industrials.” Deloitte Insights, 12 Aug. 2020,
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Of transportation-related emissions are industrial + commercial vehicles. With construction and warehousing as the USA’s fastest-growing sectors, it’s critical that great resources are available to help to make cleaner vehicles now.

The Team

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Betsy Barry, PhD

Communication Manager

Cody O'Meara

Technical Program Manager

BJ Yurkovich


Clayton Darwin, PhD

Principal Engineer

Andrew Thomas


Rashi Daga

Engineering Intern

Mahesh Pokhrel

Application Engineering Tech

Danny Freudiger, PhD

Principal Engineer

Kenneth P. Dudek, PhD

Technical Fellow

Robert Lane


Matt Volk

Battery Lab Manager

Beth-Anne Schuelke-Leech, PhD

Senior Regulatory & Policy Specialist

Justin Terrien

Principal Engineer

Daniel Seals

Battery Systems Engineer